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About the company

Anista Technologies Corporation was established in 2004 as a production facility for Insulated Concrete Forms. The company imported the latest industrial and construction technology to the Middle East. The technology would then lead to building stronger, more advanced, environmentally friendly homes, commercial and school projects. The company shareholders’ main goal in forming the company was to build safer schools for children. Many of the shareholders belong to school charity networks and ICF is to help them achieve these goals better by building safer quality buildings faster.

Anista aims to utilize its latest German machinery and Canadian construction know- how and provide the region with a high quality advanced building system. Anista ICF building system has already revolutionized the outdated, unreliable traditional construction methods used for many years in Middle East.

Anista plant and machinery startup was finished in 2006 and so far many projects including schools, housing projects and villas have been built in Iran and Iraq using Anista ICF building system.  In Southern Iran, more than ten thousand apartment units have already been constructed using the Anista ICF system from 2010 until 2012.  These projects have helped the work force in the industry to gain the know-how required to continue and guarantee the development of a new system in the region.

The latest projects include ones in the Kurdish region of Iraq that is in huge demand of homes that are well constructed, insulated, safe and green.  Anista ICF technologies can offer all of that and more.